Everything You Need to Know About Random Number Generators

By 22 July 2021

Online slots have aroused a lot of conversations online such as at 1st-onlinecasino.co over the legitimacy of winnings. The introduction of the random number generator meant that are worries about the safety and fairness of such slots are out of the window. However, are the RNGs secure? Learn more about them below.

What is a Random Number Generator?

An RNG refers to a computer program installed in each online slot games at the casino. There are different types of RNGs in different casinos. The common types of RNGs available are called the pseudo-random number generators. What makes these types of RNGs stand out is that they do not need external input to function.

What do they need? The RNGs only need an algorithm and a seed number. The new seed numbers refer to results that are generated in milliseconds. It works by using either the last number or last two in addition to a mathematical calculation to produce a random number. It ensures each result at the casino is random.

How Do RNGs Work in Casinos

RNGs are commonly used for virtual games. It involves games that do not involve live dealers. Most people often think that it applies to most online casinos. However, it is becoming common to run into offline casinos that also use the RNG. It is majorly used for virtual blackjack, keno and roulette games.

How does the RNG work at the casino? It works on a general concept that applies a value to each symbol on a reel. In case there are 12 symbols for each reel, it is a five slot machine. It is the work of the RNG to formulate a value of 1-12 for each of the five reels.

Can You Beat RNGs?

Beating an RNG is the safest way of hacking into a slot machine to ensure losses. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. There is a rare case of a Norwegian player who tracked his wins and losses over a year. After posting the results, it was later discovered that the house had rigged the RNG.

  • RNG is tested constantly
  • RNG is fixed

Third-party companies currently test the RNGs to ensure fairness for customers. After completing the full test, the third party company offers a certification to prove the RNG is proper. Furthermore, the third parties also look into the payment methods and available casino games. You can rest assured the RNGs are fair at the casino.

How is an RNG Proven?

It isn't easy to fully trust computer software, especially in the current hacking generation. What if the house has a malicious intent to make profits? First, all registered online casinos are tested. One company known for testing such software is the Technical System Testing that is currently under ownership by Gaming Laboratories International.

The testing involves much more than just the RNG. It includes looking into the RNG security audits, mathematical evaluations and security testing for possible threats. After passing the process, a badge and certificate are handed to the casino by the company. Therefore, check the webpage for credentials relating to information from third-party firms.

In a Nutshell

You cannot deny that you can be a victim of slot rigging when playing online slots from different casinos. Therefore, you must ensure you are playing from a fully-licensed online casino. Read the webpage for more credentials relating to their certification and seal of approval from third-party companies after testing their casino RNG.

RNGs are complex computer programs that ensure the slot games are purely random. The slot games remain purely random as long as they remain tested. The RNG prevents incidents when the house tries to take advantage of you. Playing from an RNG casino increases your chances of making a win when spinning the reels.